Enjoy mountain climber Lori Schneiderís compelling story along with video and slide shows of her "Seven Summits" climbs.  This is more than a climbing adventure.  Follow one womanís journey of moving beyond her diagnosis of multiple sclerosis and conditioning her body and mind for a summit of each of the seven continents highest peak.  Join Lori as she shares her experiences from a womanís perspective and reminds us to challenge ourselves and climb above our limitations.
"7 SUMMITS" Stats-The latest updated SEVEN SUMMITS list has just been posted, registering people from around the world who have climbed the highest peak on each continent.


Mt. Kilimanjaro  19,340 ft.

Climbed 1993


Mt. Aconcagua  22,841 ft.
South America

Climbed 2000


Mount Elbrus  18,540 ft.

Climbed 2002


Denali/Mt. McKinley 20,320 ft.
North America

Climbed 2006


Mt. Kosciuszko 7,308 ft.

Climbed 2008


Vinson Massif 16,067 ft.

Climbed 2008


Mt. Everest 29,035 ft.

Climbed 2009 


Map of the "Seven Summits"

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