Lori Schneider- Inspirational speaker
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Climbing mountains helped Lori Schneider conquer the fear and devastation of her MS diagnosis and taught her important life lessons that she shares as a professional speaker.

In her speeches, Lori weaves together two compelling stories – the story of climbing the highest mountain on each of the seven continents, and the story of climbing the mountains in her life.  Both take courage and a strong will.

Lori at home with her training
partners, Charlie and Nuka.

Lori’s presentations include breathtaking images and heart-pounding and entertaining stories from her mountain climbing adventures.  Her key messages touch all who want to discover their inner strengths and make the most of life.

Key messages

  • Ordinary people can do extraordinary things.  A retired school teacher, Lori sees herself as an ordinary person who learned she could do extraordinary things regardless of her MS diagnosis.
  • Like mountain climbing, the things in life that are difficult and uncomfortable make us grow and become stronger.
  • Pack a light backpack – let go of things in life that weigh you down emotionally.
    Obstacles can be reframed as bridges to your dreams.
  • There is power and joy in simply trying.

    An engaging speaker, Lori encourages her audiences to follow their dreams and offers practical advice on how to get started, how to stay motivated, and how to discover inner strengths.

    Speeches can be customized for your audience.  Book Lori to keynote your special event, graduation, meeting or seminar.  Lori is an ideal speaker for health and wellness events, audiences who face health challenges, women’s events, and any audience that enjoys adventure and inspiration.

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Lori Schneider